Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Guru Assassin - An Understanding and Our View

100% Copy/Paste/Drag/Drop System

There is a lot of emphasis on such system nowadays. Since many people have a day job and simply want to earn an income online. They want to do it fast, easy and yet effective.

You are getting the exact system and templates that Jonny Andrews used.This will give you a good headstart regardless of your skill level.

Learn to build an Autopilot Business at very little cost

If I have to summarize the essence of The Guru Assassin in 1 sentence, it would be learning " How to build an Autopilot Business Fast by leveraging on players and other resources "

This is how Jonny Andrews succeed to suck in a huge pile of cash from nothing in 30 days.

Even he was broke, he was able to create profitable products from "cooperating" with the gurus and other players.

Thus, he is the best person you can learn from to create your business at a very low cost. (typical costs for domain,hosting,autoresponder).............

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