Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Guru Assassin News Update - Prelaunch Video Preview

Jonny here. I had just shy of 92% of my partners
request this video go live as a prelaunch ASAP...


You may mail to this video starting Tuesday (Tomorrow)
at 8AM.

For now... here is your Preview for "The Guru Assassin"

The video is 35 minutes and shows EXACTLY
how I run my business.

Inside you will see live, FLOWING ClickBank
sales while I illustrate how the systems works.

No. I'm not going to "make it shorter".

(Nobody has asked me to do that yet, but I'm anticipating
questions from that one dude who thinks everything needs to
be under 2 minutes... )

So if you're in the mood to hit "Send" and probably
triple your sales come launch day...

You may feel free to tell your list about this video in the morning.

Prelaunch Video for "The Guru Assassin"

Prelaunch starts Tuesday Jan 27th at 8AM Eastern.

Product goes live Thursday Jan 29th at 12 Noon


I'll chat with you later


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