Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Guru Assassin Creators - About Jonny Andrews

About Jonny Andrews
There are very few times when a business owner is able to boast success amid such vastly overwhelming odds. However in this case, Andrews pulled it off. After following the completely wrong path, purchasing over $2,500 in Internet "Guru Books" out of desperation he suddenly made a shift in his approach that changed everything. The result? A never before seen hybrid between conventional Search Engine Optimization and Social Bookmarking that blasted his company through over 16,000,000 niche competitors in less than 5 days.

Andrews explains: "I needed to do something, my business was getting its butt kicked! But the major problem I ran into was that all these "make money online" eBooks were outdated. None of them talked about the fact I could get booted from sites if I used the wrong tactics.


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