Friday, July 17, 2009

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You can use this mixture either as a cold wax or as a hot wax. If you want it as hot wax, heat it slightly and apply it on the skin with a dull knife in the direction of hair growth. Place a cotton strip over the application and press it slightly. Take a small portion of this section of hair. Carefully, hold the roller at the end of the particular section .

Make four sections of your hair - the top, both sides by the ears, and the back. Now tightly pin up all these sections against your head. Unpin the top section of the hair but be careful not to mess with the other pinned up sections.

Reflective helmet decals come in a wide range of colors like yellow, blue, red, green, white, and orange. Though reflectors are meant for reflecting, choose a color that is bright enough to be visible.

In a gasoline or diesel engine, when the mixture of the gas and air is burned it expands and exerts pressure on the piston and sets it in motion. In an air car, a connecting rod connects the piston to the crankshaft.

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